Watersports Activities in Albufeira and Vilamora

Are you looking for an exciting day in the Algarve during the quieter months? Some of the activities that you could engage in are the watersports Albufeira and Vilamora have to offer. Some of the best times to enjoy the various water sports in the area are during the off-peak months of September and October when there are not many tourists around. During these times, you can also take advantage of the off-peak prices and make some extra savings.

Here is a guide to some of the water-based activities that you can enjoy during your visit to this popular Portuguese tourist paradise:

Attractions for Surfers

There are plenty of watersports Vilamora offers for surfers ranging from activities such as kiteboarding to windsurfing. Many of these are due to the excellent location of the Algarve which lies on Portugal’s southern tip. The location and the seas create a perfect environment to engage in a variety of water-based activities and sports.

If you are a surfer, you will certainly enjoy surfing in the bustling waves, particularly in the morning. Kiteboarders can take advantage of the favorable conditions in the afternoon. Other popular watersports Albufeira currently has that you can take advantage of is wakeboarding since the waters are generally flatter and calmer during the afternoon hours.

Albufeira offers an unlimited choice of surfing reef breaks and beaches that one can choose from. Throughout the year, the surfing conditions offer Atlantic swells over a huge window with plenty of surf spots which are wind-protected particularly on the west coast and the south.

Albufeira is also an excellent condition where you can learn how to surf and also get some good coaching from the more experienced surfers. If you have time, you can take any of the surfing courses which are offered here. There are plenty of one to one surfing coaching lessons in Albufeira and all over Algarve.

A typical Albufeira surf school will include a wetsuit, a surfboard and several hours of lessons from some of the more experienced surfing instructors. It is good to look at the various packages offered by the surf school and see if they also include pick up and drop off at the surf school.

Other Watersports in Albufeira 

Surfing is not the only activity that you can partake of. Other watersports Albufeira offers include dolphin watching, swimming, undertaking boat trips or exploring the various caves that can be found here. There are various charter companies offering various boating trips to tourists that you can hire for your exploration.

A visit to Albufeira is a definitely a journey of adventures where you will encounter lots of beautiful landscapes and great scenery along with the wide open calm seas all to yourself. If you are a watersports buff, this is certainly the ideal destination for you to enjoy all that this destination has to offer. A visit to the many of the caves here will bring close to nature and is also an opportunity to see Algarve’s famous dolphins.