Rugby Goal Posts – Make Your Choice and Order

It becomes quite exciting to learn how some games create such frenzy among the fans and also the younger lot of the players. Of course, when the play is on, one can observe the aggression even among the top players. A game of rugby or footie can generate so much fun and involvement from those connected with the sport. This news report on has covered an event in New Zealand recently where a group of young rugby players took part in a community project and painted and did all sorts of activities including the erection of the rugby goal posts. The local club secretary described this activity of erecting the goal post as “very impressive”. It was fun all around and the local children can start playing rugby and create some future; All Blacks members even.

Goal Posts for Rugby Come in Different Sizes

The most popular practice is to custom order the goal posts for use in rugby since each customer may have different preferences, ground sizes and even the type of surface on which the posts will be erected. There are also customers who choose to use an existing football goal post and extend just the vertical members. The makers of rugby goal posts also offer choices in terms of the material of construction of the posts. Steel might be the most frequently chosen one but there are alternate materials like PVC and Aluminium as well.

Types and Accessories also need to be selected

One of the major selections to be made in the first place is whether you prefer a hinged post or a socketed one.  In terms of the specifications, the poles would be given a slight tapering from the bottom to the top and you can order complete with the sockets and other accessories so that the final assembly and erection of the goal posts does not pose any difficulty.

Pick from a Range of 6 to 15 Metre Heights

At a broader level, the makers of rugby goal posts offer their customers posts with heights ranging from 6 to 15metres. Then there is the additional piece over the football goal post which would be only the 2 vertical pieces. In all other cases, the supply comes with the 2 vertical pieces and the horizontal member. The posts are usually given an exterior powder coated finish and painted with a resistant paint that can stand the rigours of being in the open ground. Visit at Flags and Flagpoles

Accessories and Installation

There are also accessories to be ordered along with the posts, as mentioned. If you visited a website like, you will be able to appreciate how it works. You will also be able to make out which of the accessories you will need to order. There would be the flange bases and the sleeves and so on. The erection on the ground will have to be handled by you. Grounds do have hands who can handle this.

Depending on the end purpose and the level of game being played, the goal posts are ordered and erected. There are clear selections and it is easy to make the choices.