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It is always fascinating to drive your car along with your friends and family members. But, it is needless to mention that in order to drive your car you should have a valid driving license. Prior to this, it is mandatory that you undergo the driving lessons Penrith instructors provide, from any of the accredited driving schools or driving academy in Australia. This training is required to ensure that you acquire the necessary skills for safe driving. Yes, safety is one of the primary criteria in driving your car. In fact, in order to inculcate awareness in driving, a Rotary Youth Driver Awareness (RYDA) Program was held recently in Sydney, Australia.

Driving Lessons Penrith

Aims of RYDA program:

You may wonder this RYDA program was attended by more than 45000 students from 50 schools. It is a fact that majority of accidents are caused because of lack of driving skills, inability to visualize hazards, risk taking and for various other reasons. The participants were appraised of the ways and means to overcome deficiencies in driving skills.

Unique ‘key2drive’ program:

In order to make you good drivers, the Government of Australia has introduced unique driving lessons Penrith wide called as ‘key2drive’ program. This program aims at helping the beginners in efficiently picking up the driving skills. This program emphasizes on the role of parents and the supervisors to help the up-coming drivers pick up the skill in driving. This program is so designed that the up-coming drivers would complete the training program at the earliest possible time. For the benefit of those who are excessively nervous specialized training courses are also conducted.

Interaction with the parents:

The supervisor encourages the students to improve their driving skills. The students are also taught about the basic mechanism of the car so that they can effectively attend to any minor repairs. Every student is provided with a logbook and the driving lessons Penrith professionals provide allocate 3-hour credit for every one hour lesson. The progress of a student is closely monitored and areas of shortcomings are discussed with the student, and wherever necessary with the parents. In fact, interaction with the parents is one of the unique features of ‘key2drive’ program.

Driving instructor training course:

On the other hand, the Government of Australia has made it mandatory that every driving supervisor popularly called as driving instructor should have successfully completed driving instructor course conducted by any of the recognized training centers. After successful completion of the course, the instructor will be issued license to train any other driver. It is also mandatory that every driving school should have only licensed driving instructors. In fact, the Government of Australia has also published on its website the list of driver instructor training schools located in various parts of Australia.

Drivers Training Association:

Various driving training institutes in Australia have joined together and formed an association called as Australian Drivers trainers Association. Many of the driving training institutes have become members of this Association.  Among other things, the Association strives for the professional development of the member training institutions.

The fee for driving lessons varies depending on the duration of course and various other factors. Normally, each driving school operates in specific localities. If you are looking for professional driver training schools, you may visit websites like http://schoolofmotoring.com.au/penrith-driving-schools-instructors-lessons/ where every student is trained under the watchful eyes of abundantly experienced instructors.